How to report a bug.

Alessandro Menti alessandro.menti at
Mon May 21 08:02:40 UTC 2012

> I have run across a major problem with libreoffice on kubuntu - you can't
> use the Filter field to open a file of a specific type. Apparently the
> Export dialog is also similarly messed up. I see that this bug has been
> found and fixed in Fedora, but I am not seeing any activity in either KDE
> itself or in kubuntu.
> Can someone tell me the proper way to report this issue both for kubuntu
> and KDE? I don't see it on

Hi Mitch,
LibreOffice is independent from KDE, that's why you don't see the package

The proper way to file a bug report is this:
1) file a report on LibreOffice's own bug tracking system at [1];
2) file a report on Launchpad, linking the upstream bug report using the
   "Also affects distribution" link and pasting the URL to the upstream
   report in the "URL" field.

Hope this helps,
Alessandro Menti

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