quickaccess widget - please adjust to KDE 4.6 (code available)

Valter Mura valtermura at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 23:15:10 UTC 2011

In data sabato 26 marzo 2011 12:25:11, bugzilla at kerridis.de ha scritto:

> > In 4.5 this also happens with Kickoff and Showdesktop, so from the
> > perspective of 4.5 is not particularly out of place.  For 4.6 it may not
> > be ideal, but I think complaining it's not compatible with newer KDE
> > releases is a bit overboard.
> > 
> > Scott K
> As I wrote: showdesktop was adjusted for KDE 4.6. But the kickoff icon
> resizes fine in 4.5 to 128x128 given you have the right icon size in
> systemsettings.
> I admit the quickaccess widget still works as it should in KDE 4.5ff - when
> you define "work as it should" only as "displays the content of folders".
> But it is harder to use since 4.5 when you finally use the panel in the
> size you need. And it does not respect systemsettings' options. Plus: the
> necessary code so that it does is available, not only as a diff but as a
> whole working plasmoid source:
> http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/QuickAccess+for+KDE+SC+4.5?content=134
> 442

My experience with Quick Access on KDE 4.6.1 is that if I click on "Home/User" 
inside it, I cannot get the list of folders/docs inside the directory (the 
page is blank). After that, if I click on "View|Reload" the folders/docs 
automagically appear.

I can consider it a bug.

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