quickaccess widget - please adjust to KDE 4.6 (code available)

bugzilla at kerridis.de bugzilla at kerridis.de
Sat Mar 26 11:25:11 UTC 2011

> In 4.5 this also happens with Kickoff and Showdesktop, so from the perspective 
> of 4.5 is not particularly out of place.  For 4.6 it may not be ideal, but I 
> think complaining it's not compatible with newer KDE releases is a bit 
> overboard.
> Scott K

As I wrote: showdesktop was adjusted for KDE 4.6. But the kickoff icon resizes fine in 4.5 to 128x128 given you have the right icon size in systemsettings.

I admit the quickaccess widget still works as it should in KDE 4.5ff - when you define "work as it should" only as "displays the content of folders". But it is harder to use since 4.5 when you finally use the panel in the size you need. And it does not respect systemsettings' options. Plus: the necessary code so that it does is available, not only as a diff but as a whole working plasmoid source:


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