Proposals for Natty from Ubuntu Italian User

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> Subject: Re: Proposals for Natty from Ubuntu Italian User
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> On 22 January 2011 20:40,  <maggsimo at> wrote:
> > 1) plymounth theme with the same color of KDE theme.
> I'm not sure what you mean here, can you explain what the "dolphin
> installer menu" is?
> Thanks for the suggestions.
> Jonathan

I think that there are two problems.

1) The Dolphin has installation option: Dophin > Configure Dolphin > Services > Download New Services.
The Install/Download New services is using script /usr/bin/servicemenuinstallation. The script needs ruby to work. The ruby is not installed as default with the Natty Alpha 1. Adding a bug report: This is same as the Archlinux bug:
2) The ruby servicemenuinstallation script is looking an installation script from the servicemenu package. The Rootactions servicemenu dont't have an installation script but it has good installation instructions. If you browse to the or read the README file (48411-rootactions_servicemenu_2.6.90.tar.gz).

 Take care,Rog131.
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