Proposals for Natty from Ubuntu Italian User

Giuseppe Pennisi giupenni78 at
Mon Jan 24 12:53:44 UTC 2011

Ih, I'm an Italian User that with maggsimo and others has raised this issues.

Here is my opinion:

>2011/1/24 Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at>
> On 22 January 2011 20:40,  <maggsimo at> wrote:
> > 1) plymounth theme with the same color of KDE theme.
> It's blue, what colour should it be?
Can you say that playmouth has the same color palette of KDM\KDE?
Can you say there's uniform colors between playmouth and KDM\KDE?
Ok, is blu but Mother Nature allows us to see different shades of color.

> > 2) Kubuntu developers want ship the artwork of KDE without changes, it's ok
> > for us, but please, can you replace at least the kickoff icon with the
> > Kubuntu logo?
> This would remove upstream's branding which is something upstream
> don't want us to do (understandably).  KDE provides a space for distro
> logo in the kickoff menu which we use.
Ok, this is reasonable and I understand but why all the major distros
change the kickoff icon?
Is not a polemical but I like to know. :-)

> > 3) kde minor release on the official repository
> This is quite time consuming because it requires a lot of QA, and
> doesn't provide much benefit because the packags are already available
> in a PPA.  But Scott has said he wants to do it.
Thank you Scott. I hope in your works.
In fact, use the PPA for system updates is not always a good choose
because the "normal" users don't know that there may be not official
repository that make updates.
The users expect to happen automatically without add extra repository.
It is doubtful  that  the "normal" user visits regularly the Kubuntu

> > 4) folder preview of the image folder by default in dolphin
> Upstream aren't keen on this, I think because it might slow it down
> and take up disk space.  But I would prefer it.  I'll see if I can
> turn it on for the next alpha.
OK, Thank you very much.

> > 5) kipi-plugins by default: kubuntu website shows them, but they aren't
> > installed by default
> Our CDs are currently oversized so we can't add anything more to them.
Is possible to do something similar to kubuntu-firefox-installer?
Kubuntu website shows them, but they aren't installed by default. This
is strange for me.

> > 6) Ship kaffeine or vlc by default instead of dragon player
> kaffeine doesn't use Phonon so features such as USB headphones don't
> work.  vlc has a very confusing UI.
Ok, I understand for kaffeine but not for VLC.
It's strange to say that VLC has a very confusing UI when instead this
is the most used opensource multimedia player.
All users install VLC because it is the only player that offers the
best experience and the best features that a modern multimedia player
must have.
Dragon player can't guarantee this.

> > 7) a faster installer, if possible
> The installer uses debian-installer which talks to debconf and that
> limits the speed between pages.
Ok, I understand.  So you can not do anything?

> > 8) can you add acpi-support-base package? (eeepc-acpi-scripts depend from
> > it)
> Neither of these packages exist in natty
> > 9) package for install root action (dolphin installer menu doesn't work,
> > it's a bug?)
> I'm not sure what you mean here, can you explain what the "dolphin
> installer menu" is?
About 8 and 9 items, maggsimo may better respond to you because he
knows better the problem.

Thanks a lot.


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