Proposals for Natty from Ubuntu Italian User

Simone Maggiani maggsimo at
Mon Jan 24 19:21:01 UTC 2011

>>I'm not sure what you mean here, can you explain what the "dolphin
>>installer menu" is?

1) The Dolphin has installation option: Dophin > Configure Dolphin > Services > 
Download New Services. The Install/Download New services is using script 
/usr/bin/servicemenuinstallation. The script needs ruby to work. The ruby is 
not installed as default with the Natty Alpha 1. Adding a bug report: This is same as 
the Archlinux bug:

This is the problem.
thanks to Rog131

>It's blue, what colour should it be?
the same blue of kdm.

not a blue, but the kdm's blue.

>This would remove upstream's branding which is something upstream
>on't want us to do (understandably).  KDE provides a space for distro
>lgo in the kickoff menu which we use.

Who? kde's eam?
it's only the kickoff icon, only a small change.

>Neither of these packages exist in natty
this: eeepc-acpi-scripts exist in maverick, but i can't install it because it 
depends from acpi-support-base package that doesn't exist.

have you remove them from natty repo?

>Our CDs are currently oversized so we can't add anything more to them.
ok, no problem, but why kubuntu site write (
"Share everything everywhere, with a click"

i can't share my picture without kipi-plugins

thanks for reply, 

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