little list of proposal for maverick from kubuntu italian users

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Wed Jun 30 13:44:32 BST 2010

On Sunday 27 June 2010 09:07:04 Harald Sitter wrote:
> > 8) Many windows have strings cutted, so more care on which dimension
> > windows are showed in the default installation
> Changing the default dimenions will only work around the issue here.
> Cut-off  strings are perfectly preventable using proper user interface
> settings in the source code. Such things should be filed as bugs, the
> default dimension will then be dictated by the minimum amount of space
> required to present every item properly (i.e. not cut-off).

That's only partly true, unfortunately.

You can tell a QLable (for example) to become as big as the text it holds, but 
in order to prevent it from growing too big (stealing the space from a more 
important widget or overflowing the screen's dimensions), you should also 
limit its size. This is a problem somewhere between translation and UI design, 
and cannot be solved completely, only made less severe by translators avoiding 
long translations (which is of course also not possible).

Verdict: file individual bugs where this happens, include a screenshot and the 
language used
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