little list of proposal for maverick from kubuntu italian users

Simone Maggiani maggsimo at
Sun Jun 27 19:51:17 BST 2010

sorry for my bad english.....

>I think the tab in Dolphin should not be shown at all if knetwork-filesharing 
>is not installed? :/
>In either case, this is not settled by adding that package to the CD, since 
>you would still need to install either Samba or NFS, so we would just be 
>moving the problem along.
>This whole difficulty in sharing is a long-standing issue that we wanted to 
>work on for a long time, but somehow we never got to it. I am not really sure 
>what to do here. Ideas anyone?

i don't have network-filesharing, but i see the label in dolphin.
I have clicked it, but any action start.
I search problem solution with google and i find that the problem is that 
packagenetwork-sharing is absent.

if package is installed, now i moving the problem along, but i have a gui that 
write Samba and nfs are absent. 
So now, user have a problem (nfs and samba not installed), but know it.        
whitout network-sharing, they have a problem but any gui write an explication 
of it

>> 3) artwork for folder icons in the home directory: The oxygen icons
>> "music","video", "documents" and "my pictures" exists and are in the
>> oxygen- icons package. Kubuntu doesn't use them by default. It's a good
>> idea to use them for a more positive user experience. Those icons are
>> useful to identify quickly the contents of the home directory.

>I really think this should be done in the KDE libraries.

kubuntu team can't do anything for this problem?

>> 7) add desktop icon (link) in dolphin resources bar

>Can you elaborate this a bit? The Desktop folder by default will be in your 
>home along with the folders mentioned in 3), as far as I know it even gets an 
>icon already.

uhm, ok 

>> 10) The window dialog where you have to insert your password to run
>> applications with root privilege, is always showed minimized in the task
>> bar, instead of beeing showed in first floor

>Always should not be the case. But first I think we need to clearify what you 
>are talking about. Is it the simplicit dialog that asks you to enter your 
>password so that applicaton foobar can be run or is it the (a bit) more busy 
>dialog that asks you to enter your password to carry out a particular action. 
>Former would be the one you see when running KSystemLog, latter is the one 
> you see when doing stuff with KPackgeKit.

problem is with kpackagekit.

when it require root privilege, the the dialog window is behind the 
kpackagekit windows and we can't see it.
Only the plasma-bar, in the bottom, notify that a new window is open

thanks, regards

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