Pretty please use debcommit

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Fri Feb 5 12:26:52 GMT 2010

I know I am annoying, but could every uploader please use debcomit -R -r to do 
a release commit?

It is kind of a PITA to trace a file movement among .install files if the log 
does show no indication as to when what version was uplaoded to the archives.

When using -r -R debcommit will try to compose a sensible commit message, 
which in case of no changes would be 
"releasing 1:1.1.1-0ubuntu1"
but even more importantly it adds a tag to that commit making it more 

In bzr qlog this looks like which is of 
course super useful.

Regular commiters should also prefer debcommit over bzr's, more than pitiful 
attemts to make a sensible commit msg out of the changelog, or manual writing. 
In most cases debcommit will properly detect which entries are new and create 
a somewhat sensible and well formated commit message from that.

So in general: please "man debcommit", and use when appropriate.

Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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