Pretty please use debcommit

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Fri Feb 5 15:38:17 GMT 2010

"Harald Sitter" <apachelogger at> wrote:

>I know I am annoying, but could every uploader please use debcomit -R -r to do 
>a release commit?
>It is kind of a PITA to trace a file movement among .install files if the log 
>does show no indication as to when what version was uplaoded to the archives.
>When using -r -R debcommit will try to compose a sensible commit message, 
>which in case of no changes would be 
>"releasing 1:1.1.1-0ubuntu1"
>but even more importantly it adds a tag to that commit making it more 
>In bzr qlog this looks like 
> which is of 
>course super useful.
>Regular commiters should also prefer debcommit over bzr's, more than pitiful 
>attemts to make a sensible commit msg out of the changelog, or manual writing. 
>In most cases debcommit will properly detect which entries are new and create 
>a somewhat sensible and well formated commit message from that.
>So in general: please "man debcommit", and use when appropriate.
I'll say up front that I'm unlikely to remember to do this,  but I think my commit messages are reasonably clear. 

Scott K

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