Post Beta 2 Testing of Kubuntu Live CD Installer

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Sat Apr 10 02:10:41 BST 2010

There were a concerning number of issues associated with Live CD installs 
during Kubuntu Beta 2 testing.  We now have an updated build of the installer 
[1] that will hopefully make a significant improvement.  In order to pave the 
way for a great Kubuntu 10.04 Release Candidate, we have produced and updated 
set of images [2] for testing.

Please try to take some time this weekend and test these images.  The Beta 2 
test results are available on the Ubuntu QA ISO Tracker [3].  Please see if 
these issues are fixed and if necessary file new bugs.  The ISO tracker is still 
open for test results, so you can add your results to the tracker, but please 
include a comment that you tested with kubuntu/daily-live/20100410/ and not 
the Beta 2 image if you do.  You can also reply to this mail.  

If you have questions, mail the list or come visit us in #kubuntu-devel.

Scott K


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