Post Beta 2 Testing of Kubuntu Live CD Installer

starslights stars at
Sat Apr 10 12:53:19 BST 2010

Hello Scott,

Thanks for the new build but , the  kubuntu picture-log at start  still 
looking bad and the live cd fail to load the dektop and hang on or when lucky 
it hang in terminal like previous version before last beta2, so look a 
regression again.  To start the desktop, i must run startx when i am lucky and 
get the terminal 
bug: 559937

For the installer, it look good, passed without any problems but when restart 
after install , their a lot of errors like: squashfs errors unable to read ...
So it want start at all the first time, after cuting off the power, i was able 
to boot . Passphrase still not asked after the first start. Apport crash if try 
to report a bug

Bug: 559937

So this build contains new bugs :/

Best regards


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