Project Timelord -- Initial consideration

Ralph Janke txwikinger at
Fri Oct 23 14:56:29 BST 2009

Harald Sitter wrote:
> Am Freitag, 23. Oktober 2009 03:01:30 schrieb Ralph Janke:
> I agree. But. We don't even know that we want to target small businesses at 
> all.
Well. You talk about lacking resources. Some of us have the 
responsibility to feed a family. Being able to find customers especially 
in the realm of small businesses and non-profits can in the middle and 
long run create the necessary resources that more work on Kubuntu can be 
funded through those means. And we have to start at some point to slowly 
get our ducks in row. To see this as a hobby is fine, but then there is 
only the time available as for a hobby. If more time needs to be spent 
then the necessary circumstances must arise at some point of time.

> From a cost efficiency POV it probably also does not make sense to prevent all 
> kinds of regressions at all costs. Some issues are way too small, or easy to 
> fix...
Especially those small issues can hopefully be found very fast with 
automatic testing, and hence be fixes very fast.
>> Well, that's why I think we need a foundation, so that others can easily
>> participate in it. And this foundation is not even unique. This foundation
>>  can help in the same way the other ubuntu flavours are well as other
>>  distros and floss projects. Therefore, a lot of work can be scaled. It
>>  just needs the rock to start rolling.
> Time constraints prevent the rock from starting to roll currently :)
> I also must remind that there is only so much shared behaviour across Linux. 
> Of course most distros got networking, but how exactly it is implemented and 
> how it works can at times be very different. So if we want to head for cross-
> distro or cross-project foundations, then we probably are best suited to 
> enable automated QA for Qt and thus KDE.
Well. Kicking the rock down the road will not get anything done. I have 
talked with managers at RedHat and Fedora already a year ago about those 
issues. There is a good willingness to find ways to work together. 
Tomorrow, I will meet those folks again, and I will further delve into 
this issue. Even if we start small maybe like a pilot, I think in the 
long run if we want to do something about Bug #1, the QA issues must be 
very high on the priority list. Especially, with the Canonical/IBM 
agreement there is a good time today to jump on the bandwagon and start 
to take things more seriously and target the areas were there can also 
be commercial success leveraged that in turn can fund other things that 
are needed.

Just a thought,
Ralph (txwikinger)

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