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Thu Oct 22 19:37:16 BST 2009

Am Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009 15:07:03 schrieb Ralph Janke:
> sounds like a good idea. One thing that I have not found on that given
> document (at least not explicitly), is an improvement of automatic
> testing. IMHO, one of the biggest problem we have (and actually this can
> be extended to all *buntu distros and highly likely to a lot of distros
> in general) is always those nagging regressions every release. And since
> we are so much into cloud computing now, maybe we should think about how
> to use "clouds" for this issue as much as possible.

Where would the clouds come from?

> I would like to see some way of be able to submit, manage etc test cases
> (in form of specification and implementation) that would help to raise a
> lot of those regression far earlier in the release cycle, and because
> they can run lots of times during the cycle also those problems that are
> re-introduced later in the cycle.

I assume you mean UI regressions? We were talking about this in some recent 
voip conference and concluded that this is currently not possible due to 
technical limitations. GNOME actually got automated QA based on GUI test-
cases, but Qt currently leaks the necessary implementations so that we could 
hook into it to autmate QA.... actually there are some commercial solutions, 
no clue how they work or how good, thing is there is no free software solution 
to this problem either way.

> I know that this is not the solution for everything, however, I would
> hope such efforts would make a clear improvement in QA. It can also be
> interdependent with the bug triage that is mentioned in the document,
> since a part of bug triage could be an effort to develop a test case for
> each particular bug (where applicable) that is raised.

Creating test cases to prevent each bug from re-appearing probably exceeds the 
time constraints of $workforce :) Though selective creation would make sense, 
but above prevents anything from happening in this direction. Also I don't 
think it is going to make bug triage a lot more attracting to add test-case-
creation to the list of stuff that is to be done.

Harald Sitter
Kubuntu Core Developer
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