Project Timelord -- Initial consideration

Clay Weber claydoh at
Wed Oct 21 22:57:08 BST 2009

More ponderings:

In terms of Vision: do we develop one of our own, or do we defer to the 

Rather do we wish to create a distro for everyone everywhere everytime that 
fits every situation? This just makes us one of the 1000s of other distros who 
do just that under the shadows of the Ubuntus, Fedoras, and openSuses. Do 
we want to cater to the masses? Who are these masses?

Do we want to be big and popular, or do we want to make a fantastic, up-to-
the minute KDE distro with a solid core? Can we be both?

In any case, we are going to at best ruffle some feathers and piss many off 
no matter what directions we take.

I am very partial to the KDE/qt-centric, single-cd focus we already have, it 
is the reason I switched to Kubuntu shortly after it's initial release. But I 
am not against other small parts being gtk, or whatever if something is 
completely broken (jaunty's network management for one) or non-existent in 
a KDE form. synaptic is one app commonly added after an install, but really 
KPackageKit in karmic is not terrible. Not great, mind you. I am not seeing 
many complaints about it in Kubuntuforums, and quite a few people there 
seem to be trying out Karmic.


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