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Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Sun Nov 8 23:03:58 GMT 2009

On Sun, 8 Nov 2009 19:40:11 -0300 Juan <juan at rodriguezmonti.com.ar> wrote:
>2009/11/8 Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at gmail.com>:
>> Good afternoon guys
>> this has reared its head today again for me.  not able to connect to my wpa
>> wireless.  Was working fine, but just stopped working today.
>> keep on getting prompted for the password which ive verified is correct
>Hi, I had problems with Karmic 9.10 with the broadcom card, too.
>However, I discovered that If I use another kernel version, after
>installing the broadcom driver, the card works. So, I connect to the
>Internet with my wired connection, then I install the broadcom driver
>with aptitude or apt-get, and finally I install a new kernel version.
>When I install the new kernel, the driver is activated. Then, I reboot
>and the driver works. I'm using now 2.6.31-14-generi, might be you
>install a new kernel, then install the driver for the default version
>of the kernel of Karmic.
>I discovered another interesting thing: I was able to activate the
>driver using jockey-kde from the live cd, and it works perfectly.
>However after I install from the same live cd, I wasn't able to
>activate it, and I got the same awful problem; I press activate in
>jockey, and nothing happens.
>Finally, I discovered that the problem is not with the broadcom driver
>itself, I'm using now wicd insted of network manager of kde 4 that is
>still buggy.
>So, try a new kernel, try to use jockey-kde, try to go to
>pool-restricted after install karmic and re-install the package from
>broadcom, and finally install wicd. All that works.

There is an item in the release notes about Jockey failing when there is no local package cache.  This is why it works in the live CD, but not after install until you connect via wired and check for updates.

There's been some discussion about Jockey and Nvidia problems with different kernel versions on ubtuntu-devel.  I wonder if it affects wifi too?

Scott K

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