Project timelord - Kubuntu in one sentence

Dave Thacker dthacker9 at
Sun Nov 8 01:09:42 GMT 2009

On Saturday 07 November 2009 18:56:50 Andrea Canidio wrote:
> I'm  a Kubuntu user and I would like to share with you my thoughts about
> project timelord, in particular about the need of a clear mission
> statement.
> Ubuntu is "linux for human being". This short sentence summarizes many of
> the project goals: ease to use, simple, intuitive. Hence, for example, the
> choice of Gnome over KDE.
> Can we come up with a similar sentence for Kubuntu? It seems to me that:
> -Kde is more about choice and customization than Gnome. So, it seems more
> natural to me for  Kubuntu to target a more experienced user than than
> someone switching to linux for the first time.
> -If we really resolve the browser issue and the new Akonadi framework
> starts bearing fruits, it will be possible to use 100% kde apps for 90% of
> the tasks. This implies greater integration and consistency than Ubuntu
> (since it uses Firefox and most people use Thunderbird instead than
> Evolution).
> Therefore:
> -with respect to other Distro, Kubuntu is easy to install: no need to mess
> around for hardware recognition and so on.
> -with respect to Ubuntu, Kubuntu offers more choice and at the same time
> more consistency.
> The natural audience for the project is someone that love to spend time
> changing all the system settings until his desktop really look the way he
> likes, but he hates having to waste time figuring out how to have a piece
> of hardware recognized.
> Finally, here is my proposition "Kubuntu: be you, be cool"
> (well, this may not be exactly a piece of art, and, to be honest, I'm not
> even a native english speaker, but you get the idea)
This KDE user likes it!  

Dave Thacker
Ubuntu Nebraska LoCo Team

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