Project timelord - Kubuntu in one sentence

Andrea Canidio acanidio at
Sun Nov 8 00:56:50 GMT 2009

I'm  a Kubuntu user and I would like to share with you my thoughts about 
project timelord, in particular about the need of a clear mission statement.

Ubuntu is "linux for human being". This short sentence summarizes many of the 
project goals: ease to use, simple, intuitive. Hence, for example, the choice 
of Gnome over KDE. 

Can we come up with a similar sentence for Kubuntu? It seems to me that:
-Kde is more about choice and customization than Gnome. So, it seems more 
natural to me for  Kubuntu to target a more experienced user than than someone 
switching to linux for the first time.
-If we really resolve the browser issue and the new Akonadi framework starts 
bearing fruits, it will be possible to use 100% kde apps for 90% of the tasks. 
This implies greater integration and consistency than Ubuntu (since it uses 
Firefox and most people use Thunderbird instead than Evolution).

-with respect to other Distro, Kubuntu is easy to install: no need to mess 
around for hardware recognition and so on.
-with respect to Ubuntu, Kubuntu offers more choice and at the same time more 

The natural audience for the project is someone that love to spend time 
changing all the system settings until his desktop really look the way he 
likes, but he hates having to waste time figuring out how to have a piece of 
hardware recognized.

Finally, here is my proposition "Kubuntu: be you, be cool"
(well, this may not be exactly a piece of art, and, to be honest, I'm not even 
a native english speaker, but you get the idea) 

I posted the same comment on Kubuntu forums and there has been some 
interesting discussion:

Thank you all for your hard work!

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