A Kubuntu-Netbook first time user's feedback

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Fri Nov 6 06:13:05 GMT 2009

On Thu, 5 Nov 2009 17:47:36 -0500 "A. Tres Finocchiaro" 
<fatbuttlarry at gmail.com> wrote:
>Finally got the chance to read this.  Sounds like early kde4.  Lots of new
>great ideas but poor execution.

Please note that this initial release of Kubuntu Netbook has been 
explicitly labled a tech preview release in (as far as I know) every single 
piece of end user documentation and announcment we've done.  There is also 
a click-through in the installer that explains this.

Deriding the "Poor execution" of something you clearly haven't tried isn't 
at all helpful.  We put it out there to get feedback from users (which is 
appreciated, good or bad).

Scott K

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