A Kubuntu-Netbook first time user's feedback

A. Rothman amichai2 at amichais.net
Fri Nov 6 09:34:10 GMT 2009


I just went through the entire process again, starting at the kubuntu 
homepage, through download links, and installation. In the site, the 
only indication is the two words 'Technology Preview' in the download 
description. It's not in the title, and if one uses torrent links, he 
will never see this. During the installation, there is a long notice, 
beginning with 'This is Kubuntu Netbook Edition 9.10, this new Ubuntu 
variant's first release.'

While the intention is clearly there, it seems to fail the average user 
test - he (me?) will aim for the title and download link, not really 
read the descriptions. In the best case, he will read the first sentence 
of the installer notice, which has no mention of being a preview, and in 
the worst he'll just click 'forward' without reading past the first 3 
words. I doubt anyone will read the 18-short-line notice.

I'd suggest putting the words 'Technical Preview' in the actual iso 
filename, which is much harder to miss when downloading, copying, or 
installing, and in the first line of the installation notice, as well as 
put the notice up when running in livecd mode, which has no indication 
at all of being a preview, anywhere.

One of the first usability guidelines I've learned, years ago: "Always 
assume the user is stupid, ignorant, and lazy." :-)


Scott Kitterman wrote:

> On Thu, 5 Nov 2009 17:47:36 -0500 "A. Tres Finocchiaro" 
> <fatbuttlarry at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Amichai,
>> Finally got the chance to read this.  Sounds like early kde4.  Lots of new
>> great ideas but poor execution.
> Please note that this initial release of Kubuntu Netbook has been 
> explicitly labled a tech preview release in (as far as I know) every single 
> piece of end user documentation and announcment we've done.  There is also 
> a click-through in the installer that explains this.
> Deriding the "Poor execution" of something you clearly haven't tried isn't 
> at all helpful.  We put it out there to get feedback from users (which is 
> appreciated, good or bad).
> Scott K
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