k3b for kde4 in kubuntu jaunty?

Luka Renko lure at ubuntu.com
Sat Mar 21 07:31:45 GMT 2009

On Friday 20 March 2009 16:18:25 Vishal Rao wrote:
> Any chance of k3b-for-kde4 getting into jaunty before the release as
> part of kubuntu's move to eliminate kde3 deps?
> Or is it no point waiting for it since it might not be done by April?
> Or is it too late already with feature freeze past?
> See http://blog.mandriva.com/2009/03/19/mandriva-helps-porting-k3b-in-qt4/

Kubuntu developers (Tonio in particular) are looking closely on KDE4 version 
of k3b. We would be more than happy to get rid of KDE3 completely for Jaunty.

Tonio has prepared test packages for KDE4 k3b and they are available in his 

He updates this packages regularly from KDE SVN, but we have received mixed 
results when testing (works for some people, but not all functionality - for 
example burning ISO images to DVD-RW was reported to not work for some 
We would appreciate any tester from the community that can spend some time on 
this. We are interested in testing various functionality of k3b. Please test 
and report both success as well as problems to kubuntu-devel at lists.ubuntu.com 
or in #kubuntu-devel on IRC.


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