kde-i18n FTBFS

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Sat Mar 14 21:28:27 GMT 2009


Apparently all of kde-i18n-* (KDE 3 language packs in universe) fail due to 
the arts removal.

<wgrant> apachelogger: kde-i18n-* all seem to FTBFS like 
<apachelogger> wgrant: --without-arts needs to be added to the configure 
<wgrant> apachelogger: I presume there's some way to do it to all of them?
<apachelogger> not really
<apachelogger> I'd recommend to write a simple script apt-get source'ing 
through apt-cache search kde-i18n- and then edit all of them
<wgrant> I don't really care about them - I'm just triaging all of the rebuild 
failures - but I'll do them if nobody else wants to.

So if someone got enough time to either edit them (~50 packages) manually or 
write a script for fetching/extracting/editing/rebuilding/uploading them, 
please do so :)

As a matter of fact batl10n-upload from the kubuntu-dev-tools branch should 
take care of the uploading if you follow the same directory structure and as I 
just thought of something:
<apachelogger> JontheEchidna: maybe batl10n-edit is of need
<apachelogger> JontheEchidna: actually it could share most stuff with batl10n 
anyway ... so batl10n just needs to be copied and modified and the appropriate 
stuff moved to bat.rb
<apachelogger> JontheEchidna: then it would also be mostly useable for kde-

as a short-term solution it probably would be possible to just take batl10n 
and change it so that it works for the different use case (that is if ruby 
skills are available ;-))


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