Translating Quassel

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Thu Jul 30 06:20:20 BST 2009

> Scott Kitterman wrote:
>> On Wed, 29 Jul 2009 22:18:47 -0300 "Antonio Augusto (Mancha)"
>> <mkhaos7 at> wrote:
>>> Hello There guys,
>>> I started quassel today just to notice that most of it is untranslated
>>> to brazilian portuguese.
>>> I took a look at launchpad but there are only 7 translations there, so
>>> something should be missing.
>>> I can translate the ts that come with the quassel sources... but then
>>> what?
>>> Also, is there some working on it?
>> Launchpad does not support the Qt translation system that Quassel uses.
>> The best thing to do is check with upstream and work with them.  They
>> are
>> on #quassel on freenode or at
> So, we should disable the quassel templates in Rosetta then?

I took a look at what's in there:

It looks to me like this covers just the .desktop and the notifications,
not the core of the package.  Assuming these work, then I think we should
leave them.

I did a review of the upstream source and they do not ship translations
for these, so I believe this is useful.

Scott K

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