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Sat Jul 4 13:37:24 BST 2009

On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 6:17 AM, Arne Goetje<arne.goetje at> wrote:
> Harald Sitter wrote:
>> KDEbase (not workspace or runtime) seems to be completely right, loads of
>> kicker stuff in there.
> So, the templates regarding kdebase are definitely safe to disable?
> (Disable means hidden from view and export into language-packs. The data
> is not lost for now, it still can be accessed by admins in the database)


By now I also have a somewhat perfect list of stuff to disable
(attached). However, I have some remarks:
a) I didn't find the KPackageKit domain in the kpackagekit package
so that might not be there anymore anyway?
b) krunner_* was renamed to plasma_runner_* (not sure if we should
care about that, it probably makes sense, since we didn't import KDE
4.3 l10n packages, so the translation are not yet added to the renamed
c) plasma was renamed to plasma-desktop (same as b))

If another Kubuntu dev could cross-review the output, it would be
quite awesome. Just to make sure I didn't screw up ;-)

Also, if we want to do these cleanups regularly each cycle, I probably
should enhance the list-processor to a whole framework (currently it
can't parse anything that lives outside KDE SVN). Do we want that?

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