Some Kubuntu translations love

Arne Goetje arne.goetje at
Wed Jul 8 04:27:09 BST 2009

Harald Sitter wrote:
> By now I also have a somewhat perfect list of stuff to disable
> (attached). However, I have some remarks:

OK, I moved libkholidays over to kdepimlibs. However, the latest upload
has been on 2009-04-07, is that correct?

> a) I didn't find the KPackageKit domain in the kpackagekit package
Latest upload was 2009-07-07. Are you sure you want to kill it?

> so that might not be there anymore anyway?
> b) krunner_* was renamed to plasma_runner_* (not sure if we should
> care about that, it probably makes sense, since we didn't import KDE
> 4.3 l10n packages, so the translation are not yet added to the renamed
> domains)
> c) plasma was renamed to plasma-desktop (same as b))

b) and c) will hopefully show up when you upload the packages. I will
then move the templates.

> If another Kubuntu dev could cross-review the output, it would be
> quite awesome. Just to make sure I didn't screw up ;-)
> Also, if we want to do these cleanups regularly each cycle, I probably
> should enhance the list-processor to a whole framework (currently it
> can't parse anything that lives outside KDE SVN). Do we want that?

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