Some Kubuntu translations love

Arne Goetje arne.goetje at
Wed Jul 1 05:17:20 BST 2009

Harald Sitter wrote:
> KDEbase (not workspace or runtime) seems to be completely right, loads of 
> kicker stuff in there.

So, the templates regarding kdebase are definitely safe to disable?
(Disable means hidden from view and export into language-packs. The data
is not lost for now, it still can be accessed by admins in the database)

> I'll be working the next 3 days, so I'll not be able to ensure that output.txt 
> is right, please someone take up on that :)

Thanks Harald, meanwhile I have uploaded a new template list. I removed
'kbd' from the list, since it's not a KDE package (sorry, slipped
through) and reflected the move in the database from
plasma-widget-network-manager to plasma-widget-network-management. Also,
I added the kde-style-qtcurve and kcm-gtk templates, which have been
approved already.

Thanks a lot!

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