kubuntu and plymouth

Giovanni Masucci gio.grifis at fastwebnet.it
Fri Dec 11 12:06:37 GMT 2009

Hello to everybody,
I've just seen that plymouth is being integrated in k/ubuntu land for lucid. 
This is a great thing because it gives us a very polished user experience 
during boot (no flickers, nice artwork, animations, etc). 
Another good point for kubuntu is that with plymouth ubuntu and kubuntu are 
again at the same level (kubuntu lagged xsplash integration). So it would be 
nice to have a nice boot experience for kubuntu! What's missing?

Essentially 2 things: 
1) KDM integration
At the moment plymouth fades in a nice way to gdm. This is not true with kdm. 
I know there are a lot of things that you guys are doing already, so probably 
there won't be a kdm integration.
2) A nice artwork: KDE Oxygen team will help distributions for free (time 
permitting). We could try to genlty ask Nuno for a nice "Oxygenized" (or 
should I say "Aired" :) ) kubuntu plymouth theme that will be similar in style 
with what kde 4.4, that willl ship with lucid, has to offer.

Ubuntu will have a nice and polished boot experience and we'll able to not 
fall behind, at least for point 2, at almost zero cost.
Great news, I guess! :)

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