Open source and diagramming survey

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Thu Apr 30 21:46:26 BST 2009

We had a study before with some Ubuntu developers by interviewing and  
there is a publication here.

Koji Yatani, Eunyoung Chung, Carlos Jensen, Khai N. Truong:  
Understanding how and why open source contributors use diagrams in the  
development of Ubuntu. CHI 2009: 995-1004

 From the survey, we would like to see whether diagrams can be used  
widely among oss contributors regardless of time and space constrains  
since diagrams are really useful material for communication. It would  
be really nice if we can suggest a diagramming software tool for oss  
contributors based on their needs :)

Quoting Harald Sitter <apachelogger at>:

> On Mittwoch, 29. April 2009 20:43:16 chung at wrote:
>> Dear open source contributors,
>> I am Eunyoung Chung, a Masters student working with Dr. Jensen at
>> Oregon State University.
>> We are currently doing a research project in collaboration with Dr.
>> Truong and Ph.D student Koji Yatani at University of Toronto. Our goal
>> is to understand how contributors communicate and collaborate in Open
>> Source Software (OSS) projects, including diagramming practices.
>> We are seeking volunteers for a quick survey on this topic. Any person
>> who is actively working on a OSS project is eligible. The survey takes
>> approximately 10-15 minutes, and the 5 volunteers will be picked to
>> receive a $30 Amazon gift certificate. Your participation is anonymous
>> (unless you consent to have us contact you)
>> Here is the survey address.
>> We really appreciate your help!
> I certainly hope that we get notified about the results *hint* ;-)
> regards,
> Harald
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