questions/frustrations with Kubuntu Jaunty

Richard JOHNSON nixternal at
Fri Apr 17 18:43:03 BST 2009

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 11:42:09AM -0400, Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> Good morning,
> There is a lot that I am enjoying with Kubuntu Jaunty, in fact my upgrade
> seemed to go painlessly and I blogged about.  However these are the
> following pain points I am having with my upgrade:


> 3.  Crashes:  Kontact crashes all the time using IMAP and GMAIL, several
> other applications while I"m working on them and also at start up.  I have
> reported several bugs, can't seem to remember which ones they are now but I
> will dig them up and respond to this email

Are you using Kontact with IMAP and GMAIL in disconnected mode? I am, and
have not had a single crash. When I wasn't using it in disconnected mode I
had all sorts of problems, mainly due to the amount of email I have.

> 5.  Update Notifier:  The only way I get updates is if I run apt-get update
> and then the notification is generated.  I have configured Software
> Management to check daily and still no notification
Same here, though from time-to-time I see the little bugger pop up without
me doing anything, usually right after booting, give or take a few minutes
of course.

> To me these seem like regressions in the system.  I am quite happy with the
> look and feel, it is a very shiny release, but there are still issues that I
> am having.

What chipset is in your laptop? I am using Intel chipsets in all of my
systems and never once saw a slower boot up than a VM and my sound has
always worked. Even suspend works :)

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