Guidance Displayconfig Support For Incomplete/No Xorg.conf

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Tue Mar 11 16:32:24 GMT 2008

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> On Tue, 11 Mar 2008 13:20:58 +0100 Sven Boden <svenboden at> wrote:
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> >I can test. Anyone can probably test, the bugs I know in displayconfig are 
> not related to specific hardware but to changes in pieces of software which 
> have not made it to all surrounding application.
> >
> >I had e.g. following bug 
> with the 
> default xorg.conf, but was I added a screen and some resolutions (as it was 
> before) the bug went away.
> >
> Right.  Some of these problems are guidance and some the underlying 
> infrastructure.  I'm not an xorg expert, but my Python should be sufficient 
> if I have useful feedback from guidance.  
> Please run displayconfig from the command line and attach it to the 
> relevants bugs.
> Scott K

I added a new post to

I get exactly the same as in the original bug report and it all depends
on the ServerLayout section. If it's in xorg.conf the module works, else it
won't. I don't have the original xorg.conf anymore but I don't think
the ServerLayout section was in there.

Next problem is that closing displayconfig won't close anymore, but I'll raise another bug for that.



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