frustration w/ konqi in Gutsy

joey undis jundis at
Sat Oct 13 17:37:37 BST 2007

I used to have this problem when I ran Kubuntu with a old PC. I couldn't
figure out what to do so I started using a different browser. That's
probably your best bet but if you still want to use Konqueror you might want
to try deleting watever you copied over and see if it could be something to
do with those files. Sorry if I couldn't help much but that's all I can
think of.


On 10/13/07, Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at> wrote:
> Didn't know if this was a bug or perhpas a problem w/ my system.  Fresh
> install of Gutsy Beta on my laptop and then I copied some my ~/.kde
> directory
> over to get mail, bookmarks, etc out of the system...  Don't know if that
> leads to the problem or not but wanted to include it just in case.
> I have two computers at home both dual booting Vista and Kubuntu 7.10 and
> I am
> experiencing the same issues on both of these computers.
> At times some of my pages don't load completly, I am attaching a
> screenshot,
> sometimes when I click on a link nothing happens until I click on it
> twice.
> I ended up sending duplicate emails to my wife because of this happening
> w/
> my webmail.
> The pages load great and complete in both my XP VM and also when I boot
> into
> Vista so it is not a problem w/ my connection.  Just wondering if anyone
> else
> is seeing problems.
> Jonathan
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