frustration w/ konqi in Gutsy

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Sat Oct 13 17:06:00 BST 2007

Didn't know if this was a bug or perhpas a problem w/ my system.  Fresh 
install of Gutsy Beta on my laptop and then I copied some my ~/.kde directory 
over to get mail, bookmarks, etc out of the system...  Don't know if that 
leads to the problem or not but wanted to include it just in case.

I have two computers at home both dual booting Vista and Kubuntu 7.10 and I am 
experiencing the same issues on both of these computers.

At times some of my pages don't load completly, I am attaching a screenshot, 
sometimes when I click on a link nothing happens until I click on it twice.  
I ended up sending duplicate emails to my wife because of this happening w/ 
my webmail.

The pages load great and complete in both my XP VM and also when I boot into 
Vista so it is not a problem w/ my connection.  Just wondering if anyone else 
is seeing problems.

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