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On Tuesday 27 November 2007 03:52:10 Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> I know I probablly shouldn't be posting this to both lists, but I couldn't
> figure out which one would be better to post to.
> I am getting frustrated with using Konqueror as my default browser.  I
> don't know if I just have some problems, or its the fact that I am running
> 64-bit Kubuntu, but it is getting to the point that browsing the web is
> just easier, and more fun in Internet Explorer.

Your post is a bit 'low on details'. Can you maybe give links to pages that 
don't work and point out exactly what doesn't and what you expect? 
Most probably, konqueror / KHTML developers are not aware of those problems 
(as lots of other users who chimed in in this thread aren't).

So, how about filing bugs along the way with enough information so one can 
actually reproduce, so it will be tracked and taken care of?

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