AW: Re: window decoration for dapper final?

Christoph Wiesen chris at
Thu Mar 23 20:11:44 GMT 2006

Hmmm, somebody in a position to change the default back again or at least 
propose this reading here?

Here's a screenshot from a KDE dev blog (hope he doesn't mind the minor 
bandwidth theft):

Isn't that actually flight-4? I think this looks a lot cleaner than whats 
presented in flight-5. The white on blue in the titlebar buttons are even a 
lot more elegent than plastik used to be with black on blue buttons. Lighten 
up the blue a tad bit and it's still a pretty fresh look without sacrificing 

Removing the outer line as it's been suggested before would be an option of 
course, but I don't think it's mandatory to do this when using plastik 


Am Mittwoch, 22. März 2006 19:41 schrieb jos poortvliet:
> Op woensdag 22 maart 2006 15:34, schreef jos poortvliet:
> > Op woensdag 22 maart 2006 14:28, schreef Chris:
> > > After reading Sebas' thoughts about the performance I think it's rather
> > > important now that the windeco for dapper is switched 'back' to
> > > Plastik. Why Plastik? There would be a wealth of other windecos for KDE
> > > that fulfill the requirements of professionalism and usability, but
> > > Plastik has very widespread use (no bugs to be expected) and with KDE
> > > 3.2 or so got a lot of performance optimizations. So all in all I think
> > > KDE is the best choice for dapper (3 years of use ahead) and is not a
> > > bad one either.
> >
> > i think you have a reasonable point here - performance is important, and
> > being bug-free too. personally, there is just one thing i don't like
> > about plastik's windec, and that's the fact it *always* wants to show a
> > thin line seperating the window from the decoration, instead of just
> > blending them. seems to be hard-coded, i can't recolor it or get rid of
> > it. and this is exactly the kind of thing that seperates gnome from KDE:
> > kde always seems to have these thin lines seperating stuff that doesn't
> > have to be seperated. plastik would look a lot cleaner if it just got rid
> > of that line...
> ok, i got rid of the thin line. have a look at plastik windec WITHOUT the
> annoying line:
> i just had to remove all 4 instances of ".dark(110)" in plastik.cpp
> i think with this change, plastik's windec looks modern enough to be the
> default in kubuntu :D
> grtz
> Jos

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