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Wed Mar 22 21:15:02 GMT 2006

> Op woensdag 22 maart 2006 10:31, schreef Javier:
> > On 3/22/06, Chris <chris at> wrote:
> > > Hello everybody,
> > >
> > > this might be unnecessary since the current windeco in flight-5 might
> > > only be some placeholder art, but if it actually is intended to be the
> > > final window decoration I'd like to ask you to reconsider.
> problem with these things is - its a matter of taste...
> tough not completely i think.
> > I agree with your thoughts. the windows decoration resembles to much
> > to vista.. which I don't think is a good idea, and the colour is too
> > intense.
> it might resemble vista in some ways, but most ppl never notice - they
> know vista anyway. and its only the button layout, nothing else - i
> care about it.
> the color - yeah, its intense, too intense i think. a more subtle, or even
> blending windowdecoration look, esp with rounded corners would be better.
> personally, i prefer my windowdecoration to fully blend with the window
> background and have rounded corners and a thin outline but its indeed a
> matter of taste.
> (yes, polyester style)
> > I will also like to mention a similar thing in current kubuntu
> > artwork. I prefered the previous usplash artwork because it was darker
> > and looked better (specially the progress bar). This is just my 2€.
> personally, i love the new splash and kdm themes.
> > OT: Kubuntu will truly become the kde distro once koffice 2 is out ;)
> well, koffice 1.5 might make it, and it'll be *good*...
> just saw this blog:
> pitty kubuntu is in feature freeze... ;-)

+1 for reverting to Plastik.  I installed before flight 5, and haven't seen
that new theme before that screenshot. (I don't see it as a choice even
actually.. though I have all the updates) and I don't like that new look and
agree with all the points made about it.

+1 for reverting to the previous usplash theme.  The blue is too intense in
the new usplash theme too and overall the new theme just looks very rough,
the old one was better.
All these new intense blues don't match
with the other nice peaceful light blues of KDE and Kubuntu and artwork.

The new kbfx looks cool, but I don't think it should be included as default,
especially this late in development.  It would be nice to have it in
universe though.
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