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Tue Jun 27 15:23:15 BST 2006

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> From: "Luke Monahan" <lukemonahan at gmail.com>

> - Would adding a Kubuntu-specific section to the existing laptop
> testing template encourage more information to be given here? Or is
> the best way to go still a dedicated Kubuntu laptop testing page for
> each model?
> - Have all the Canonical supplied laptops been tested with Kubuntu as
> well as Ubuntu?  Could that be organised?

You wouldnt need a whole "testing the laptop with ubuntu, and then with
kubuntu" idea - most of it would be duplicated work.

However, why not have a list of:
1.  check for all the window-manager independant stuff.
2.  check for suspend, hibernate, hotkeys under gnome
3.  check for suspend, hibernate, hotkeys under kde  - or anything else
that's different between kde and gnome.  We often get people saying "my
multimedia keys dont work in kde, but do in gnome"

> - Laptops generally have a sales cycle of between 6 and 12 months.
> That is to say, a brand new model today is more often than not off the
> shelves 6 months later.  Also the sheer number of models available,
> including all the alternate names in different regions, is mind
> boggling.  All this makes it hard to find a model in the laptop
> testing pages that matches a model that is commonly available for sale
> right now.  What might be more useful from a laptop buyers
> point-of-view is a searchable database by component.  For example,
> "Give me reports on all laptops that are built on Intel Napa platform,
> Intel 3945 wireless, Intel Core-duo processor and ATI x1600 video"
> would be helpful for finding laptops with components similar to my own
> and seeing their compatability.  Possibly compatability reports on the
> individual components are the way to go, as well as complete laptop
> reports.

That sounds like an incredibly sane idea to me.  Who's up for creating it?

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