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First of all adding laptop testing team into this as well so they can stay
involved in the conversation.

Anyways I don't think any of the laptops supplied by Cannonical were tested
for Kubuntu.  I can't prove it, and am just basing this on the wiki page.  I
did notice there were three pages created that have Kubuntu on them.

We had http://wiki.kubuntu.org/LaptopTestingTeam/DellLatitudeD810/Kubuntu
(created by myself)
http://wiki.kubuntu.org/LaptopTestingTeam/HPNW8240/Kubuntu created by
LukaRenko and
created by nixternal

More needs to be done, I'm trying to start people thinking about this

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This is something I'd like to get involved in (as soon as my laptop
finally gets delivered, but that's another story).

My random thoughts, in no specific order are:

- Would adding a Kubuntu-specific section to the existing laptop
testing template encourage more information to be given here? Or is
the best way to go still a dedicated Kubuntu laptop testing page for
each model?

- Have all the Canonical supplied laptops been tested with Kubuntu as
well as Ubuntu?  Could that be organised?

- Laptops generally have a sales cycle of between 6 and 12 months.
That is to say, a brand new model today is more often than not off the
shelves 6 months later.  Also the sheer number of models available,
including all the alternate names in different regions, is mind
boggling.  All this makes it hard to find a model in the laptop
testing pages that matches a model that is commonly available for sale
right now.  What might be more useful from a laptop buyers
point-of-view is a searchable database by component.  For example,
"Give me reports on all laptops that are built on Intel Napa platform,
Intel 3945 wireless, Intel Core-duo processor and ATI x1600 video"
would be helpful for finding laptops with components similar to my own
and seeing their compatability.  Possibly compatability reports on the
individual components are the way to go, as well as complete laptop

I can help by reporting on my own laptop (obviously) and any web
development or basic desktop application development that might
support the laptop testing team.



On 6/27/06, Jonathan Jesse <jjesse at iserv.net> wrote:
> I have seen several specs on Launchpad dedicated to increasing the support
> of laptops for Edgy in Kubuntu.  I have also noticed a lack of wiki pages
> the laptop testing page.  I wonder if it is time to create a more
> Kubuntu Laptop Team to take care of issues or can we get some more support
> from the laptop team in regards to Kubuntu?
> I have worked on several Kubuntu pages on the laptop testing section and
> hoping trhough the specs we can get some more people testing Kubuntu and
> publishing the results.
> Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.
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