DapperFlight4 - no Kubuntu information available?

Christoph Wiesen chris at deadhand.com
Sun Feb 19 19:51:54 GMT 2006

Hello there,

having seen that Flight 4 is released I clicked on all the links that lead 
from www.kubuntu.org to more information about this release. You get to this 
well done and informative website:

A prime example of good information presented in a clear way. Unfortunately 
this information is all about Ubuntu and various changes to some GNOME 
programs. I did not find any such information about Kubuntu.
I suppose the ressources of Kubuntu are still very limited. Having heard about 
Mark Shuttleworth's new commitment towards kubuntu (at least that's what I 
understood at that time) I thought there would be more work beeing done on 

What's the current state? Seeing that Novell shows off all the good stuff 
(XGL) on GNOME I hope so much that Kubuntu can pull it off and really become 
something of it's own, but if there's still ubuntu = commercial (cannonical) 
and kubunut = community only I suppose it's just not possible, or is it?

What's the opinion of the devs around here - is this just a useless rant or am 
I missing something?


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