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Sun Feb 19 19:09:13 GMT 2006

Le Dimanche 19 Février 2006 18:27, Martin Ammermüller a écrit :
> Am Sonntag, 19. Februar 2006 18:07 schrieb Miquel Torres:
> > 	Next there is the question of usability. The new Adept (1.89) GUI is
> > a bit confusing, although inexpert users shoudn't need to worry about
> > that. But all 3 programs are just a bit rough on the edges and
> > wouldn't mind a beautifying either.
> It's IMO better than the previous versions, because of the added
> tag-filtering. I was used to it because i used Synaptic before. But the
> Synaptic GUI is IMO still unrivalled. It's a lot easier to use.
> Regards,
> Martin Ammermüller

I agree that synaptic is greatly easy to use. When it comes to functionality, 
I'd like to see an equivalent to FinkCommander 
(http://finkcommander.sourceforge.net/about/images/inspector.jpg) someday in 
Ubuntu. It just has lots of very useful features imo, that might give me a 
reason to use a GUI for installation stuff (so far I really don't see the use 
for myself).


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