DapperFlight4 - no Kubuntu information available?

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at iserv.net
Mon Feb 20 00:25:50 GMT 2006

There currently isn't a Kubuntu Flight anything wiki page.  At one time
mgalvin said he would try and provide screenshots of each reelease as well,
but that hasn't been done.

To see what is currently in Dapper, the release notes are kept up to date on
doc.ubuntu.com and you can see what is going on.  However I haven't had time
to do a Wiki page about that

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Hello there,

having seen that Flight 4 is released I clicked on all the links that lead
from www.kubuntu.org to more information about this release. You get to this
well done and informative website:

A prime example of good information presented in a clear way. Unfortunately
this information is all about Ubuntu and various changes to some GNOME
programs. I did not find any such information about Kubuntu.
I suppose the ressources of Kubuntu are still very limited. Having heard
Mark Shuttleworth's new commitment towards kubuntu (at least that's what I
understood at that time) I thought there would be more work beeing done on

What's the current state? Seeing that Novell shows off all the good stuff
(XGL) on GNOME I hope so much that Kubuntu can pull it off and really become
something of it's own, but if there's still ubuntu = commercial (cannonical)
and kubunut = community only I suppose it's just not possible, or is it?

What's the opinion of the devs around here - is this just a useless rant or
I missing something?


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