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Andreas Mueller amu at ubuntu.com
Tue Apr 11 16:07:18 BST 2006

On Tuesday 11 April 2006 16:29, Jonathan Jesse wrote:


Sorry first at all, i'm busy with my job, that i can answer just now.
Our ( german ) team grows day by day, thanks to Mark for the free
CD's for Linuxtag !

I'm absolut busy at the moment, beside my normal work , i've to do also the 
Linuxtag-CD which is kubuntu based. I asked Riddell for it, unfortunately
he cant do it. Canonical cant do it for free, so i'm the only one :(  

First of all this is not just my opinion, it represents the opinion of the 
kubuntu.de team. 

> > We all from the kubuntu.de - team have poursuited this aim together,
> > but most of the work has been done by Andreas Mueller (amu). He is not
> > only co-founder and unpaid developer of the Kubuntu-project, but he's
> > also hosting this website with current Kubuntu-LiveCDs and he's taking
> > over all the arising expenses himself. Gnoppix, another "baby" of
> > Andreas Mueller, now in possession of Canonical, but still being
> > financed by Andreas.
> Unpaid isn't quite right, he did have a contract with Canonical when
> Kubuntu started.

Ok, money isnt important. It's very easy to find sponsor. Ex. Hosteurope.de
ist hosting the server. I asked them, they are very nice, they sponsored us a 
good host.


I'm all time asked if i request some donations for the upcomming linuxtag.
Mirjam created a very cool Kubuntu Fyler. We need some cash to print them.

If Kubuntu is a free project it is absolut no problem to find sponsors.
But if it isnt, i'll be all time asked "why Ubuntu is not paying for it" 
MY answer is, we are an cool project.

> I'm happy to host any Kubuntu live CDs (localised, updated KDE
> packages etc) on kubuntu.org and now that
> amu has got his account back he can do it directly.
> I've not seen any request to have Canonical host kubuntu.de but I'm
> sure they'd be happy to.

I'm sorry that i asked the people directly. Hendrick  a very nice guy
tried to help me. Unfortunately a vhost server for such a big host
is not possible. Again the same question, if kubuntu is a project, it's easy
to find sponsors for it. Guess nobody pay hosting if kubuntu is a commercial
project :) 

"companies" want to sponsor into Kubuntu, same here,

an original quote: "If the project is free, we are happy to support it, if not
like it looks like NOW, Mr. Shuttelworth should pay for it, we do not support
him personal" 

> > During our endeavours for Kubuntu, several requests to Canonical were
> > made. All the mails were addressed to Mrs. Jane Silber, CCO of
> > Canonical.
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