Jonathan Riddell jr at
Mon Oct 17 10:44:41 CDT 2005

Feedback like this is really helpful, appologies if I don't get round
to replying in time but I do read it :)

> - mini-bug: The KDM Theme is already in place, but on the login prompt, it
> still says ubuntu.

That's the username that's showing, I might see if the default
username can be changed for next release.

> - The new Kubuntu wave KDE Splash screen, looks, I'm sorry to say,
> amateurish. I like overall the artwork for Hoary better. I would rather keep
> it as default. Why change it?. If it ain't broken...

Changed :)

> - As a scientist I find Speed Crunch great. But as a KCalc replacement for
> normal folk,  I don't know if it makes sense. It doesn't look very
> spectacular either.

Most normal folk love it as well in my brief user tests after a short
explanation, the question is getting it so it explains itself to new users.

> - Still no Kmenu icon for KThesaurus

KOffice itself only just got an icon :)

If someone wants to fill the missing KOffice icons that would be great.

> - Things you surely know, USplash is still Ubuntu, and the packet manager is
> still kynaptic, not Adept. I think adept is dangerously slipping behing
> breezy feature freeze. The beta 2 interface is also a bit more complicated
> than Kynaptic (but more powerful).

Both fixed.  We'll be reviewing the adept user interface for dapper
and maybe even making a simpler gnome-app-install like application.

Jonathan Riddell

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