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Mon Oct 17 05:37:43 CDT 2005

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Jonathan Riddell ra??:
> On Mon, Oct 17, 2005 at 11:02:13AM +0300, Donatas G. wrote:
>>When Kubuntu was released (it was the day when KDE 3.4.3 was released)
>>it eveidently included KDE 3.4.2. I was a little disappointed, but still
>>downloaded the install cd to make the factual installation procedure
>>faster on a not so fast connection.
> Kubuntu was released with KDE 3.4.3.  If you have a CD with KDE 3.4.2
> that means you would have got a mirror which had not synced in time
> and downloaded a Kubuntu Release Candidate CD.  You can rsync to the
> final thing to save yourself downloading a whole new ISO and of course
> Adept Updater will bring you right up to date.

OK must be I don't understand something about the mirror sync, but the
ISO file WAS called kubuntu-5.10-install-i386.iso, not the rc...., and I
do get KDE core downloaded from the internet instead of the cd (after I
added it via apt-add cdrom)... And some other packages do come from a cd...

And I am quite sure I saw kde 3.4.2 on the Kubuntu release
announcements. True, cant find those now. Well, I must be overworked,
sorry for incorrect questions...

Could someone explain, how I can do the rsync thing on that cd?

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