Gustav H Meyer gustav at
Thu Nov 17 10:13:29 CST 2005


Martin Ammermüller wrote:
> Additionally, i think Kontact should also go. The Kontact UI and concept 
> is IMHO irritating. The "one task, one application" directive is IMHO 
> better than to supply one mega-application for everything.

I agree big time on this one. I actually use Thunderbird rather than 
than Kmail etc. One thing that I do use is akregator as a separate 
app rather than the RSS reader inside thunderbird or the firefox 
live bookmarks.

Something that needs a bit of integration IMHO is the addressbook 
and whatever mail client you use. I just wish that I could forward a 
news item in akregator more easily to someone via e-mail.

Another thing that I would like to find out (while I'm at it). How 
can I set up my own internal apt-get repository and keep it up to 
date so that all users inside our LAN can update via this rather 
than download individually?


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