Seed/archive resync

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Mon Mar 28 13:24:01 CST 2005

I've processed the packages which were approved by Martin Pitt to be
promoted to main, based on

The remaining diff is:

jackass:[/srv/] sudo -u katie =anastacia  Source to
promote to main

   o db4.0
   o gnupg2
   o openct
   o opensc

 Binaries to promote to main

   o gnupg-agent
   o libdb4.0
   o libdb4.0-dev
   o libopenct0
   o libopenct0-dev
   o libopensc1
   o libopensc1-dev
   o libsasl-dev
   o libscam1

db4.0 we agree we don't want in main, and we need a new kdesdk(?) upload
built with db4.2.

Martin says that libopenct0 and libopensc1 are not packaged properly; they
either need to be fixed, or dependencies on them removed.  libscam1 is part
of opensc.

libsasl-dev is an old version, superseded by libsasl2-dev.  We don't want it
in main.  It's a build-dependency of opensc.

gnupg2 build-depends on libopensc1-dev which depends on the opensc packages,
so it cannot move until those issues are resolved.

Please address these as soon as possible; we need to stabilize the seeds for
the release.

 - mdz

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