kcontrol cups admin lock on "Administrator Mode"

Jason Straight jason at jeetkunedomaster.net
Mon Mar 28 11:51:38 CST 2005

On Monday 28 March 2005 12:28, Liz Young wrote:
> What doesn't work is restarting CUPS from admin mode -- it stops the
> server, but does not restart it.  Error is:
> CUPS Restart Server:
> Unable to retrieve the print list.
> Error message received from manager:
> Connection to CUPS server failed.  Check that
> the CUPS server is correctly installed and
> running.  Error:
> Connection refused
> So, I revert to restarting CUPS from the CL, which is what I'm used
> to... but is the goal to have everything GUIfied?  I'll file a bug
> report if someone can confirm.

Yeah, I see that also. After I get out of work I'll see if there are already 
bug reports for these or not and report them if not.

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