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Matt Zimmerman [2005-03-28 11:24 -0800]:
>    o db4.0
>    o gnupg2
>    o openct
>    o opensc
> Martin says that libopenct0 and libopensc1 are not packaged properly; they
> either need to be fixed, or dependencies on them removed.  libscam1 is part
> of opensc.

In addition, I'm somewhat concerned about the supportability of
SmartCard drivers. SmartCard readers are still very rare and they
interact with hardware that is hardly accessible to us. So Andreas and
I agreed to dropping SmartCard support from kdepim so far. They are
not yet a killer feature either IMHO.

> gnupg2 build-depends on libopensc1-dev which depends on the opensc packages,
> so it cannot move until those issues are resolved.

Andreas, can this build-dependendy be dropped from gnupg2? 

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