Question on the Kubuntu Userguide

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Wed Jul 6 08:33:42 CDT 2005

On Wednesday 06 July 2005 08:41 am, Sean Wheller wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 July 2005 04:45, Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> > In the section on Addding Software Repositories we focus on editing the
> > reposotires in /etc/atp/sources.list and then it seems we focus on
> > installing software via Apt instead of kynaptic and yet we have a whole
> > section on Kynaptic.
> >
> > Should we be focusing on Kynaptic?  Or am I reading things wrong?
> No you are not wrong :-) you are spot on
> There is an issue for kubuntu-devels to resolve with regard to which
> package management tool to use. In hoary Kynaptic was shipped. Now there is
> talk of Kapture. So realisticaly it does not make much sense for us to
> write Kynaptic or Kapture into the Kubuntu User Guide until such time as
> the developers resolve what they will be doing. There are a number of
> issues in a state of flux at present I tried to summarize a conversation I
> had with Riddell on these subject, see http://lnix/~froud
> In the section "Adding Software
> Repositories" [ /book[1]/part[8]/chapter[1]/sect1[2] ] I started explaining
> APT since people need to understand that they need to change the APT
> sources.list file in order to ad repositories. They should also understand
> that GUI apps such as Kynaptic or Kapture are just front-end tools to APT.
> I stopped writing the section when it came to the sect "Updating Software
> Lists" [ /book[1]/part[8]/chapter[1]/sect1[3] ] since I was, at first going
> explain how to use do apt-get update and the same using aptitude (maybe).
> This would lead into doing the same from a GUI tool. Which one?
> So the chapter "Software Management" [ /book[1]/part[8]/chapter[2] ] can
> only really start seriously once we know which GUI front-end to APT will be
> used. Having said that, some general information about package management
> practice that will not change between tools would not go amiss.
> In general, I envision that the book will use KDE GUI as much possible and
> only resort to the Konsole and tools like vim or vi when there is no
> choice. As you can see by the section "Adding Software Repositories" I have
> used the "Run command" and then "kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list" to start
> kate as su. I could have done a start Konsole and do "sudo
> kate /etc/apt/sources.list" but as I envisioned using KDE tools as much
> possible.
> Hope this help. BTW. The outline is free to changes and no doubt will
> before the end.

How soon will we know when the whole Kapture vs. Kynaptic vs apt-get will be 
resolved?  I noticed a lot of <writing> tags and figured Sean was waiting to 
resolve some issues :)

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