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Wed Jul 6 07:41:31 CDT 2005

On Wednesday 06 July 2005 04:45, Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> In the section on Addding Software Repositories we focus on editing the
> reposotires in /etc/atp/sources.list and then it seems we focus on
> installing software via Apt instead of kynaptic and yet we have a whole
> section on Kynaptic.
> Should we be focusing on Kynaptic?  Or am I reading things wrong?

No you are not wrong :-) you are spot on

There is an issue for kubuntu-devels to resolve with regard to which package 
management tool to use. In hoary Kynaptic was shipped. Now there is talk of 
Kapture. So realisticaly it does not make much sense for us to write Kynaptic 
or Kapture into the Kubuntu User Guide until such time as the developers 
resolve what they will be doing. There are a number of issues in a state of 
flux at present I tried to summarize a conversation I had with Riddell on 
these subject, see http://lnix/~froud

In the section "Adding Software 
Repositories" [ /book[1]/part[8]/chapter[1]/sect1[2] ] I started explaining 
APT since people need to understand that they need to change the APT 
sources.list file in order to ad repositories. They should also understand 
that GUI apps such as Kynaptic or Kapture are just front-end tools to APT.

I stopped writing the section when it came to the sect "Updating Software 
Lists" [ /book[1]/part[8]/chapter[1]/sect1[3] ] since I was, at first going 
explain how to use do apt-get update and the same using aptitude (maybe). 
This would lead into doing the same from a GUI tool. Which one?

So the chapter "Software Management" [ /book[1]/part[8]/chapter[2] ] can only 
really start seriously once we know which GUI front-end to APT will be used. 
Having said that, some general information about package management practice 
that will not change between tools would not go amiss.

In general, I envision that the book will use KDE GUI as much possible and 
only resort to the Konsole and tools like vim or vi when there is no choice. 
As you can see by the section "Adding Software Repositories" I have used the 
"Run command" and then "kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list" to start kate as 
su. I could have done a start Konsole and do "sudo 
kate /etc/apt/sources.list" but as I envisioned using KDE tools as much 

Hope this help. BTW. The outline is free to changes and no doubt will before 
the end.
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