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Achim Bohnet ach at
Wed Jul 20 12:35:30 CDT 2005

On Wednesday 06 July 2005 15:33, Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> How soon will we know when the whole Kapture vs. Kynaptic vs apt-get will be 
> resolved?  I noticed a lot of <writing> tags and figured Sean was waiting to 
> resolve some issues :)

Just for the record:  kapture was renamed to ept some secs ago ;)

	SVN commit 436941 by mornfall:

	 r6583 at lorien:  mornfall | 2005-07-20 17:07:12 +0200
	 rename kapture -> ept

and kapture/ept hacking was started again:

Of course that does not anwser your 'How soon ...' question ;)

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